Exposition Industry Health & Safety Services

Show Contractors:

PHS Solutions specializes in working with facilities management to assist with the identifying, assessing and managing show specific health and safety issues.

PHS Solutions is able to assist with:

  • Establishing a health and safety policy and program for your organization as required by local health and safety legislation.
  • Train employees appointed as supervisors adequately on local health and safety legislation so they have a good understanding of the industry hazards & controls
  • Ensuring that any employees operating any equipment on the show floor have been properly trained and certified to operate the equipment as required
  • Ensuring that employees have been properly trained to carry out all their job tasks safely
  • Developing a Contractors Risk Management Plan which identifies actual and potential hazards related to show activities, assesses the hazards, identify hazard controls and ensure that all hazards are controlled
  • Monitoring health and safety conditions during move-in and move-out and ensure that during any overhead work that safe work practices are being complied with
  • Monitoring that freight-free aisles are maintained during move-in and move-out and that all crates are stored and stacked in a safe manner
  • Conduct accident/incident investigations and make recommendations for corrective actions
  • Liaison with Ministry of Labour enforcement officers on your behalf as required