Health & Safety Management System Development & Implementation

PHS Solutions specializes in working with organizations to assist with the process of implementing a health and safety management system.

Proactive Health and Safety (PHS) Solutions has developed a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) approach in order to assist organizations to efficiently and effectively manage their Health, Safety and Environment needs.

PHS Solutions believes that this unique and comprehensive management system approach of integrating Health, Safety and Environment will provide organizations with a distinct business advantage in this area. In order to be successful and profitable as a organization all areas of a business must be well managed. The PHS Solutions approach will provide a framework to support the management of Health, Safety and Environment aspects of an organization. This approach is based on well recognized management system standards (such as ISO45001 and ISO14001), legislative requirements and includes industry best practices. Following a management system approach to health and safety will also help organizations establish a high level of due diligence as required by health and safety legislation. The PHS Solutions Management System Model has also adopted the concept of plan, do, check, act and the philosophy of Continual Improvement.

The goal of the PHS Solutions Model is the prevention of environmental impacts and of occupational accidents, illnesses and other preventable losses in an organization. This includes any losses related to areas such as people, equipment, materials, environment, process, production, and customer service. PHS Solutions strongly believes there is a great business advantage to be gained from managing this important part of any business. The key to success is that the organizations leadership team must be committed to being leaders in managing the health, safety and environment part of their business and lead the way in establishing a positive safety culture within their organization.

The PHS Solutions Health, Safety and Environment Management System Model is made up of the following:

  • Management System Drivers
  • Required Programs/Elements
  • Risk Based Programs/Elements for Health, Safety and Environment