Hazard Prevention Program

Federal Health and Safety Law – Hazard Prevention Program

Does your Heath and Safety Program meet the Federal “Hazard Prevention Program” (HPP) regulations?

The “Hazard Prevention Program” is a Federal Regulation under the Canada Labor Code Part II. This is a very important piece of legislation, since it requires organizations that fall under the Canada Labor Code Part II to develop a formal program for the prevention of hazards in the workplace. The “Hazard Prevention Program” Regulations include requirements relating to hazard identification, assessment and control as well as the education of employees.

Hazard Prevention Program (HPP) Regulations is the 125(1)(z.03) provision in the September 2000 amendments to the CLC that requires federally regulated employers to develop a prescribed program for the prevention of hazards in the workplace.

The Hazard Prevention Program Regulations requires federally regulated employers to develop a prescribed program that includes; develop, implement and monitor a program for the prevention of hazards, including ergonomics-related hazards, in the work place that is appropriate to the size of the work place and the nature of the hazards. This includes hazard identification, assessment, preventive measures, employee education and evaluation. It also requires employers to submit annually an evaluation report on the effectiveness of the program to the Labour Program as part of the annual hazardous occurrence investigation report required under Part XV of the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety (COHS) Regulations.

Hazard Prevention Program Regulation Requirements Include:

  1. An Implementation Plan
  2. Hazard Identification and Assessment Methodology
  3. Hazard Identification and Assessment
  4. Preventive Measures
  5. Employee Education
  6. Program Evaluation/Reports and Records

The purpose of the Hazard Prevention Program Regulation is to outline prevention program components that will assist both employers and employees in understanding how to achieve compliance with the Canada Labour Code Part II.

The Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Labour Program will ensure compliance with the regulation through the statutory powers of their health and safety officers. This may include entry into the workplace to conduct inspections and safety audits, issuing of directions to an employer and initiating prosecution if non-compliance continues.

PHS Solutions can provide you with:

  1. HPP Regulations GAP Analysis – this service will provided organizations interested in knowing the gap between any existing activity related to the HPP and the requirements of the HPP regulations.
  2. HPP Implementation Consulting – this service will provide organizations assistance with full implementation of the HPP regulations.

The main benefit anticipated from this new Regulation is the reduction or elimination of accidental injury, illness, and mortality in workplaces of employers under federal jurisdiction.