Diabetes Treatment – Food as Medicine

By Dana Garcia, B.A. Kinesiology, B.Ed., OCT, NCC Research is showing that Type 2 diabetes (adult onset) can be controlled with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Physical inactivity, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high insulin, high glucose and high A1C increases your risk of developing diabetes. Doctors are not trained in […]

Root Causes of Diabetes

By Dana Garcia, B.A. Kinesiology, B.Ed., OCT, NCC, PHCD What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that results from decades of blood sugar imbalance due to a poor diet and lifestyle habits. Diabetes manifests when the body stops responding to insulin causing spikes in blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas when […]

The Longest Living People

Healthy Centenarians There is so much to learn about longevity from the elders in regions where people live long and healthy lives free from disease. Four areas worldwide have been studied and are identified as inhabiting the longest living people and Centenarians. The cultures studied were the Okinawa in Japan, the Abkhasian in Russia, the […]

Flaws of Modern Medicine

Preventative Medicine Medical doctors give an oath to “first do no harm”. The modern medical system fails to reflect that oath. Hippocrates was the founding father of modern medicine. His philosophy was “you will exercise your art solely for the cure of your patients, and will give no drug, perform no operations, for a criminal […]

The Root Cause of Chronic Diseases

By Dana Garcia The main underlying cause of chronic diseases is inflammation. This silent killer is like a fire that starts in the gut and spreads to other parts of the body. Inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to stress from diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. We need the inflammatory response in order to […]

Take Control of Your Health

When it comes to leading a long and healthy life free from chronic disease, knowledge is our most powerful ally. There is an abundance of cutting edge science on the power of nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. It is time for this life-saving information to become mainstream knowledge in every household. Through educating […]

Conquering Cravings and Overeating

I am sure we can all relate to those days when we feel like a bottomless pit of hunger. Those days when we couldn’t help but finish a bag of chips, box of cookies, tub of ice-cream or several chocolate bars. It tastes amazing and feels so good in the moment until you finish and […]

Changes to Occupational Health and Safety Act – January 2018

In the most far-reaching changes made to the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) in over 15 years, the government has moved to, amongst other matters, triple corporate OHS penalties and quadruple individual OHS penalties, effective today. The amendments are made in a Bill titled the Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2017 (Bill […]

Health and Safety Auditing

Many organizations have existing Health and Safety programs, but may need help improving or implementing specific program elements or responding to changes to health and safety regulations. The benefits of an effective health and safety program are substantial. Therefore, continually improving a program will have an impact on employee safety and protecting the organization. The […]

CSA Z1000-19

Since 2006 Canada has had a CSA Standard for health and safety call the – Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard CSA Z1000-19. This standard establishes the basic criteria for the development, implementation and maintenance of a Health and Safety Management System. The criteria are outlined in the following areas: Commitment, Leadership and Participation […]

Hazard Prevention Program

Federal Health and Safety Law – Hazard Prevention Program Does your Heath and Safety Program meet the Federal “Hazard Prevention Program” (HPP) regulations? The “Hazard Prevention Program” is a Federal Regulation under the Canada Labor Code Part II. This is a very important piece of legislation, since it requires organizations that fall under the Canada […]