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Health and Safety Management Made Simple and Affordable!

PHS Management Software has been designed with you in mind. It is developed to assist you to proactively manage your health and safety needs in the most simple, affordable and cost effective way possible. The interactive software will guide you through all of the requirements for implementing and maintaining a health and safety management system. A handy feature includes printing your complete health and safety program manual with only the click of a button. Proactive Health and Safety Solutions believes that this innovative and comprehensive Health and Safety Management System approach will provide your organization with a distinct business advantage and a positive return on your investment.

Compliance with Health and Safety Law & Due Diligence

Achieving legal compliance is a major priority for many organizations. This system is specifically designed to assist your organization in establishing a high level of due diligence as required by health and safety legislation and to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulatory requirements. It also allows you to assign and track the corrective actions required on a daily basis. In addition, the system includes the requirements of the Ontario WSIB Workwell Core Health and Safety Audit and can be customized to include other audit protocols.

Protect Your Employees and Your Business

The PHS Management Software will support your efforts towards the prevention of occupational accidents, illnesses and other losses in your organization. This includes any losses related to your employees, equipment, materials, production, and customer service. There is a great business advantage to be gained from managing these fundamental components of all businesses.

The Standards and Procedures required to control the most common hazards and risks are laid out so that you simply have to implement and maintain them with the aid of the software. Additional modules can be developed to meet any specific needs your organization may have. You do not even need to remember when to complete the required activities since the system sends you reminders through email.

You will be able to easily track the compliance activity of any of your programs such as accident/incident investigations, claims management and training, and take the immediate actions required by simply using the system to assign a task to the person responsible within your organization. Simple reports will keep you updated on both proactive and reactive activities.

Web-Based Hosted Software Solution

The Web-Based Software only requires you to have a computer with an internet connection and can be accessed by authorized employees at any time. This also makes it an ideal application for multi-site work locations. Proactive Health and Safety Solutions will host and maintain the software in a fully secure data centre for you.  There is no need to install or upgrade any software. This will save you both time and money. As a licensed user, you will be able to instantly take advantage of any upgrades made by Proactive Health and Safety Solutions. The user license includes initial set-up and ongoing support.

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