Exposition Industry Health & Safety Services

Canadian health and safety legislation generally requires that all Exposition Industry Stakeholders in a workplace exercise reasonable care with every precaution reasonable to ensure health and safety. Health and Safety Acts, Codes and Regulations in Canada assign specific roles and duties to workplace Exposition Industry Stakeholders (Owner, Employer, Supervisor, Worker), as well as set specific legal requirements for the control of hazards. All Exposition Industry Stakeholders involved in the exposition industry must be familiar with their local health and safety act/code and regulations that apply to their specific activities and, where applicable, undertake training to ensure correct application of their local health and safety legislation as it relates to their Show.

James has been working closely with the Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) Health and Safety Task Force since 2006 and developed of the CAEM Health and Safety Best Practices Guidelines for Canada. Most recently James developed the Health and Safety Law and Risk Management Course for the Exposition Industry Canada and offers health and safety consulting services customized to the exposition industry as outlined below.