Health and Safety Auditing

Many organizations have existing Health and Safety programs, but may need help improving or implementing specific program elements or responding to changes to health and safety regulations. The benefits of an effective health and safety program are substantial. Therefore, continually improving a program will have an impact on employee safety and protecting the organization. The results of Health and Safety Audits provide recommendations that will improve health and safety performance and compliance.

Auditing is no longer simply completing a checklist to determine regulatory compliance. Auditing programs today need to provide information on the effectiveness of management systems, opportunities for cost reduction, and continuous improvement accomplishments.

Health and Safety Audits can focus on:

  • Legislative compliance which will establish an organizations current activity against specific regulatory requirements
  • Health and Safety Management System compliance based on standards such as the CSA Occupational Health and Safety Management System Z1000-06 or the BSI Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001-07 Standards.

A properly conducted health & safety audit will assist to:

  • Clearly identify health & safety strengths or practices that are effective and worth retaining and improving
  • Identify gaps or problem areas that require elimination or attention
  • Gain insight and perspective regarding your health & safety related standards and procedure in place to protect an organizations most important asset – its employees.
  • Understand an organization’s legal obligations and reduce the risk of non-compliance with relevant health & safety workplace legislation
  • Set targets and objectives for continual improvement based on priorities

General Audit Protocol will include:

Audit Preparation – review current health and safety documentation and verify audit criteria to be applied.

Carrying out the Audit – this includes documentation review, records review, observation and interviews as required.

Audit Report – Completion of an audit report documenting any non-conformances with recommendations for improvement

Corrective Action Plan – establishing a formal action plan to address the audit findings

Proactive Health and Safety Solutions can provide organizations with the audit services to meet their needs. We can carry out the audit and assist organizations with the development and implementation of corrective action plans.